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A wonderland of majestic brownstones and pulsing culture, Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy to locals) is Brooklyn´s undeniable heart-of-hipness. Located in the physical center of the borough, this neighborhood welcomes the ambitious, the artsy and the aristocratic to rock to its rhythm and add to its rhymes. With its flexible work/fitness/social elements, 843 Lexington is your home for achieving the height of success--and loving every step of the way.

Membership Plans

Starting at $399 / Month

Private Desk

1 Person

  • Full partition desk

  • Generous desk surface & secure filling cabinet

  • Ergonomic swivel chair

  • Sun-filled office area

Collective Desk

1-6 People

  • Moderately-private team desk area

  • Private desk

  • Generous desk surface & secure filling cabinet

  • Ergonomic swivel chair

  • Sun-filled office space


Designated workspace

  • Customizable workspace layout

  • Private, moderately-private or open-plan options

  • Perks of a designated workspace & access to all amenities

  • Sun-filled office area

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